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Politics ?… Stumble around on a rocking boat long enough and you're bound to go overboard

No flies on Barnaby: What to do with the leader of the (g)nats?

22 February, 2018...Even in his week off, the buzzing of Barnaby Joyce can still be heard. Actually, thinking about it, some obvious comparisons can be drawn.


Parliament faces a new year but it’s still the same old circus

5 February 2018... Malcolm Turnbull says this year will be different. Jim Pembroke is not a trapeze artist but he knows a tight-rope walker when he sees one.

Those High Court mechanics need to fix this clunker, now!

23 August, 2017...What is all this nonsense about the High Court taking months to get these dual citizenship cases sorted?

Marriage Equality Postal Vote: A deal with the devil

August 15, 2017 Oh dear Lord ! – It should be clear to all by now that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally sold his soul to the devil, with this marriage equality postal vote. We shouldn't be surprised. His... Continue Reading →

Terror bomb plot: Quick Australia, get under the doona covers!

2nd August, 2017... Jim Pembroke ponders Malcolm Turnbull's impressive fear-mongering that has accompanied the latest alleged terror threat.

Malcolm Roberts owes his voters an explanation (all seventy-seven of them)

28th July, 2017...It must be a confusing time being Malcolm Roberts’ voting base. The dinky-di Aussie product they voted for was actually made in India. Time for a ‘please explain’.

Peter Dutton thinks World Domination (Insert maniacal laugh)

25 July 2017...Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is acquiring widespread, unchecked powers. Jim Pembroke considers a curious global implication.

Turnbull’s flat pack cabinet: Some reassembly required

12 July, 2017...If the Turnbull Government was a piece of furniture, I think it would be lying disassembled on the floor, with the user manual giving no clues. What it needs, is expert help.

Malcolm and Barnaby’s bizarre prenuptial agreement

7 July, 2017...The Liberal and National Parties have a marriage contract; it's time Malcolm Turnbull reviewed the prenup, says Jim Pembroke.

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