Jim's Elbow

Politics ?… Stumble around on a rocking boat long enough and you're bound to go overboard

Barnaby Joyce: A pork-barrel hoarder or mad doomsday prepper

It really is time to ask, “Are Barnaby Joyce's pork-barreling and outrageous rants, signs of a Zombie Carp attack ?”

Mother England: Can we come home now ?

Now that Britain has put that European mistake behind them, maybe we can get back to the good old days – when Aussies ruled.

Senator Malcolm Roberts and the Golden Ticket

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has been bragging about his invite to Trump's inauguration. But now, it seems he's having second thoughts ?

For our pollies, sorry really is the hardest word

Our MPs really should say sorry for this entitlements mess. Maybe an independent watchdog to ensure our pollies meet the required apologetic standards.

What the Dickens has happened to Australian politics ?

If the last few years were a Charles Dickens novel, train wrecks like Centrelink and Sussan Ley would be only part of the tale. Read on to see if this classic tragedy has a happy ending.

A mess in a shared bathroom: Thoughts on the backpacker tax

Backpackers should stop their whinging and climb back into the fruit trees. This is an older piece originally published in The Big Smoke on December, 5 2016

The Adani Coal mine: More than a complete disaster

The Adani coalmine could be a complete disaster but then it would be a goldmine

If Donald breaks Malcolm’s heart… Why, I’ll…

We’ve all seen it before. A friend or a relative starts a relationship with someone and you think, “This is never gonna work. The bloke’s an arsehole.” But Malcolm's always had difficulty resisting the bad boys. They've been his kryptonite.

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas

A Christmas greeting from our Prime Minister. A poem with plenty of rhyme but not much reason.

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