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Turnbull roasts Shorten: But who’s really getting grilled?

30 May, 2017...Malcolm Turnbull's strategy to constantly roast the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, has Jim Pembroke wondering whether the Prime Minister isn't really lambasting himself.


Chill out: It’s just James Ashby’s new line of One Nation Merchandise

23 May, 2017...There's more to James Ashby's money making ideas than meets the eye. Jim Pembroke takes an amusing look at One Nation's latest "innovative" merchandising.

Scott Morrison and the worst robbery attempt of all time

18 May, 2017...Scott Morrison's attempted levy on the big four banks is a spectacular heist. Maybe, he could use some tips from the real bank robbers.

Budget Hocus Pocus: The Treasurer could use some Harry Houdini

04 May, 2017...No more boring Budget speeches. Jim Pembroke contemplates a 'Magical' performance on Budget night from the Treasurer Scott Morrison.

The show must go on: The artistry of corporate tax cuts

05 April 2017...Corporate tax cuts represent the Turnbull government’s most daring production, but will such an edgy play put bums in seats?

Mission Impossibubble: Taming the Australian housing (thought) bubble

30 March, 2017...The housing market lockout is a real worry, but it's the Government's absurd, thought bubble response that will have your ears popping.

Pauline Hanson and her Trump ‘mockbuster’ rip-off

15 March 2017...As it turns out, Pauline Hanson’s WA blockbuster was a bit of a flop. But as Hollywood lore stateth, we shouldn’t worry about it, we should worry about the sequel.

The secret life of Malcolm Turnbull

5th February, 2017...Maybe, Malcolm Turnbull imagines being a better Prime Minister. We'd like him to work harder to turn those dreams into reality.

Barnaby Joyce: A pork-barrel hoarder or mad doomsday prepper

30 January, 2017...It really is time to ask, “Are Barnaby Joyce's pork-barreling and outrageous rants, signs of a Zombie Carp attack ?”

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